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Playing The Fire Triangle

Fire and Wide [] It’s the real 101 class of FIRE – but if you get these foundations right – you will have a thorough understanding of why FIRE is ( or isn’t ) right for you. Trust me, it helps so much to...

Why I Decided to Pursue FIRE

Mrs. FOGTA [] It’s late December 2016, and I am in my office. I am not having a good day, and it’s only 9:30 am. There are a few reasons why and I will get into them below. Unfortunately for me...

What is Coast FIRE?

Zach [] Contrary to popular belief, the term Coast FIRE does not refer to achieving financial independence or early retirement while living on the coast. Rather, Coast FIRE is defined as having...

Should Friends Tell Their Friends to Play With FIRE?

[] After discovering FIRE, I gained more practical wisdom about personal finance in a few short months than I’d amassed in the preceding 40-some-odd years. And it wasn’t like I hadn’t previously read...

Fire Explained

Scott Rieckens

[]–“There’s a growing movement of people who are practicing FIRE principles and retiring decades earlier than expected as a result.”

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