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Where Do My Taxes Go?

[] Have you ever wondered just how much of your tax money goes to a particular governmental department? So did we. Enter your income below and we will calculate how much of your tax money goes to...

How to Save Money on Taxes By Retiring Early

Chris Mamula [ Retire Early taxes Early retirement offers many benefits. The obvious benefit, of course, is . . . well, retiring early. But perhaps a less obvious benefit would be the tax advantages...

Never Pay Taxes Again

Go Curry Cracker [] Benjamin Franklin once wrote that nothing is certain except death and taxes. I beg to differ. I personally expect to never pay taxes again, legally and respectfully.

How to Sell Investments Tax-Free

Geoffrey Curran [] So what’s included in taxable income? Taxable income is the total of your sources of income, which includes earned income, investment income, retirement distributions, the portion of...

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